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What is local SEO and how does it benefit business owners?

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Local SEO is a way of promoting your business via search engines such as Google. People will be able to find your services in your city since you are #1 in the search results. This is a niche and location specific seo company which aims to rank local keywords that target your place of business. There are no real business benefits if you rank for a nationwide term.

There are quite a few myths that happen to circulate online when it comes to SEO. A lot of people seem to think they can easily rank in the search engines without doing any SEO if their website website is good and relevant to what people are looking for. They also happen to believe that SEO is cheap if not completely free, when that is quite the opposite.

Now this is the same as saying that you can get sales by simple waiting for someone to walk into an empty store. Can it happen? Yes. Is it likely? No.

Why should you perform local SEO? If you have a physical location, you can’t just pick up your business and move to a different city. Or if you have a restricted location target audience you don’t want to extend your geographical target area because you’ll be slashing your profit margins.

You should not only target just people who live in your area; you should also target people who are looking for your business type in your area. It is important to remember that you’re not only serving people who live in your city. You’re also offering your services to people who happen to be visiting your city as well

SEO helps businesses get top positioning in the search engines. Search engines are like online librarians: they organize the world’s content to help you find what you’re looking for online. Search Engine Optimization influences their organization to help you get top positioning for your niche.

Search engine optimization is important because 86% of people use search engines to find services and products, and more are turning to the web every day. With 40% of those people clicking on the first result, you have to be towards the top of search engine results.

SEO is a good fit for a local business if it proves to generate a substantial return on investment. Before adding SEO to your monthly marketing plan, you should establish first who is your target market.

Hopefully you’ve already done the defining of your target market in your business development stages. Who are your ideal customers? What do they want? And more importantly, what are they looking for? If you don’t know anything about them, then it’s going to be a little bit more difficult for you to create a profitable SEO strategy.

Some markets are easy to figure out but not all markets are the same and a lot of times, even in sub-markets, there are unique opportunities for people who are willing to really walk the full path of doing proper market & keyword research. Many people don’t do this and that leaves a low-hanging fruit for a lot of businesses.

By doing a little bit of work up-front, you can attract that traffic on on-going bases going forward very easily. Traffic suggests how often a keyword is searched for and keyword difficulty tells us on a scale of 1 to 100 how difficult it would be to rank for a specific keyword.

You need to estimate what kind of traffic you should conservatively expect. There are keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner that show you how many searches per month a certain keyword has but if the volume of searches is lower, the keyword tool will show you keyword data that is a lot less accurate.

If it’s a huge market with millions of searches per month, you’re going to get pretty good data on it, but if you’re a local market and it’s something that gets searched a hundred, or a thousand, or even ten thousand times a month as a whole, on the average, the amount of search volume that is shown in the Google keyword tool is actually only 25% of the actual search volume.

In some cases, a keyword that only gets a few searches per month is very valuable to your business; for example, if a single customer coming to your from searching that particular keyword can make you $10,000, then it is absolutely worth optimizing your website to rank for that type of customer.

It is easier to rank for low-competition, long tail keywords that provide a good ROI. You’ll have to wait months and sometimes even years to rank for high-competition keywords, and the costs for doing so are much, much bigger.

A lot of business owners will not perform keyword research thoroughly although this is a very important step that allows you to target the best keywords for maximum results.

You should also be able to truthfully tell what kind of conversion rate you can reasonably expect. Conversion rates could mean different things: buying customers, potential customers send you an email or they call you, sign up to your email list etc. How much gross profit do you make per sale in terms of 12 month value or life time value of a new customer?

You should definitely know these numbers because this is really important for your business. Start tracking them and start trying to figure them out because otherwise you won’t know how much money you spend to acquire a customer and how much they’re worth.

seo cloud

seo cloud

We also need to take in consideration the exponential drop-off nature of search engines’ first page click-through rate. There is a difference between being in position number one and position number five. The website in the first position will get ten times more search volume for a specific search phrase.

Mediocre SEO will get you on the first page in position number eight, and high-quality SEO will get you in position number two The second position on the first page is worth at least ten times more than number eight.

The rewards gravitate heavily towards the victor and that’s why powerful, high-quality search engine marketing is worth a whole lot more. For a low volume of searches you really want to be in the top 3. These are all important factors for you to take in consideration to help you decide if SE) is worth for you

Bottom line, SE) gets you traffic. With more people viewing your site, it increases your ROI, and with higher ROI it can significantly impact and change your business.

Search engine marketing delivers the best ROI because it’s unlike any other form of marketing. It builds momentum and yields increasing results with less long-term effort. It’s like the car accelerating to highway speeds: it takes a lot of RPM and gas to get to cruising speed but it takes less to maintain it Thank you for reading!