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My Search Engine Optimization and other services are NOT meant for all business types.

I am completely devoted to the success of each and every one of my clients. I can work with only a handful of companies at any given time due to the time involved to perform quality SEO work, and because of this I have to choose our clients carefully. In order to begin your SEO campaign, all you have to do is enter some super simple information for us to get started. Fulfilling this criteria ensures that my clients receive maximum results and return on investment!


1. You must have a pre-established business that is healthy and active.

We do not do business with the following:

  • Adult themed content
  • Get rich quick business schemes

2. Your business must already have steady traffic, leads, and sales.

3. Last but not least, your business must be reputable and sell quality products and services.

And thats it!

If you meet the requirements above, you’ll probably be a great fit for our Search Engine Optimization service! Now all you need to do is to Simply fill out the Launch form below. Here we ask you to provide us with a little background information about your business, your website you want us to optimize, and your phone number we can contact you at. It’s as simple as that!

After we go over your submission and create an SEO analysis of your business, we’ll set up a time to discuss the results over the phone. This phone call will only take about 30 minutes and it will be unobtrusive and simple. This will be the first interview/consultation and we will go over the products and services you sell, your revenue goals, and our custom strategy that will get your business to where it needs to be, which is at the top.

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  • For Example: Vancouver Orthodontist, Edmonton Roofing, Toronto Paving Company